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This place produces icons in the art and design industry. Cooper is truly one of the best institutions to learn at if youre given the opportunity to. The tuition is 50% scholarship based and most people go for free. Would be proud if my kids go here in the future.

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A nice and historic school in U.S.A. AS Far as I know all the and the students are highly qualified and Teacher Devotion there lifetime experience to develop their students for Academic goal. God bless united States.

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Amazing school with a lot of opportunities. The professors are all incredible and they all want to be there. It is very easy to get the individual attention you need here because of the small classroom setting -- my calculus class has only about 20 people in it, and my class in ancient poetry has only 9. It is a great fusion of artists, architects and engineers from all over the world. There are plenty of opportunities to explore your abilities not only in your field, but also any science youre interested in, such as synthetic biology and students are allowed to take classes in other schools - an engineer can take a class in drawing or calligraphy, and an architect is welcome to study chemistry. Truly an incredible place.

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My aunt wanted me to take nursing and yet not help me pay for school. I truly appreciated my art Teacher Mr.Sierra for supporting my interests & boosts my system to pursue art school. High school for arts and business, they have connection about workshops for undergraduates or representing our high schools, I was the selective to present my high school. I truly enjoyed the workshops to be exposed in real world. Thank you for the opportunity to experienced to have a model and painting classes free for us in 1998-1999, ptf

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This school is an absolute joke. The administration is atrocious, bordering on malicious. The facilities are non-existent, and if youre an engineer you can forget about small class sizes. Expect to be taught mostly by NYU adjunct professors who have absolutely no care about your academic career or the institution. This school has been a slowly sinking ship for over a decade, we can only hope that its newest economic troubles will help it finally sink to the depths of the ocean so it can stop ruining students college careers.

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As the saying goes: they let me in, they let me graduate, so they got at least two things wrong!Kidding aside, still a great school, used to attract an amazingly brilliant student body but the tuition era may change that.

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Continuing Ed classes here are also very greatly priced! Ive taken their photography classes and the teachers are knowledgeable and classes are small.If you are looking to learn a specific skill, see what they have to offer. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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The first reason to go to Cooper is that its FREE. The second through seventy fourth reasons are the same. Not only is it free, it has an amazing engineering school with some great labs and some of the most brilliant professors you will ever meet. Many of our professors went to Cooper too, so they understand what youre going through and empathize. The Art school is also amazing and has lots of really cool stuff. The school of architecture is probably the trippiest place Ive ever been to: its a like a gigantic sweatshop which turns out trippy building designs.Cooper is the tits and Im so happy I go here.

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I studied in the engineering school and had very fond memories! The institution taught me to work hard and prepared me well academically!

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🇱🇷 Happy 🎄 🎁 Holidays 🎄 🎁 🎄 19. 🇱🇷The Cooper Union is a neatly designed building in the heart of the East Village on 3rd Avenue between East 6th and East 7th Street.In the heart of the East Village and right in the middle od NYU territory.Surrounding the Cooper Union building is all sorts of history and entertainment.

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