Phone: +1 646-559-2886
Opening hours
  • Monday:12–7:30PM
  • Tuesday:12–7:30PM
  • Wednesday:12–7:30PM
  • Thursday:12–7:30PM
  • Friday:12–7:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8:30PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8:30PM
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4.5 (70 comments)

Review №1


A nice little bubble tea shop. There is standing room at a counter only. The service is friendly. The bubble tea is well made and tasted delicious. The price is fair. The shop was clean and tidy.

Review №2


This place is probably one of the best boba places in NYC, I got their brown sugar capped milk tea and it was so creamy and perfect! The boba was chewy but not too soft or hard. Please please please open up some locations in Brooklyn! It’s amazing. The staff were nice too. 100% recommend

Review №3


This place is really really bad... Ordered the Thai Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea drink and it is by far the worst Thai tea and Brown Sugar drink Ive had. Weirdly enough, it doesnt taste like either Thai tea or Brown Sugar Pearl. Its just sickly sweet! Their bubbles were pretty good though, but not enough to cover how dismal the drink is itself.

Review №4


For any non-boba aficionados - you can usually tell if a boba place is good by seeing if your boba is still warm/hot even while it’s been in your cold drink (especially if the place is about to close like our situation)…this place had that. The lemon chrysantheum tea was a great level of sweetness despite me not adjusting it, and I always appreciate places that let you adjust your ice level (I always get the lowest because more value lol). Worth a visit.

Review №5


I was really sad when I had it🥲The milk was pretty watery compared to the one I had in Taiwan. Hope they can really bring the same quality here..

Review №6


Delicious bubble tea, their tapioca tasted mildly sweet due to the brown sugar and was soft & chewy. Extremely fast service. No seating however, only countertops to stand at.

Review №7


Great milk tea. Not too many options but for what they have, the flavor is there. They do have dairy alternatives and surprisingly doesnt upcharge (unlike everybody else). The only real downfall is how long it took for them to make it, but it seems like they make every drink from scratch (both premade).

Review №8


One of my favorite bubble tea shops from Taiwan, not as good here but good to try. The brown sugar bubble milk is a bit too sweet since you can’t change the sugar level.

Review №9


One of my favorite bubble tea places in Taiwan and I cant believe they have one in NYC too!!! Def get their Thai tea with brown sugar boba you wont not be disappointed, however they are pre-sweetened tea so 50% sugar is suggested. 10/10 would recommend💕

Review №10


I ordered a brown sugar thai tea and hot jasmine tea. I was surprise they have jasmine tea because not many bubble tea stores carry it (usually just green tea). The Thai tea drink was not bad, but the bubbles were way too sweet for me. Still interesting as I never had a brown sugar combo with thai tea. Yayas did not have hot drinks during late September; hence, I went next door. Service was good. The lady in the front was nice. Ill definitely come back especially for the jasmine tea.

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